Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Hello everyone! Today is Independence Day in Costa Rica and this year, they are celebrating the 194th year of their Independence. It was a great day in Atenas with parades featuring all the kids and then there were vendor tents set up in the park with all kinds of delicious food. Stef and I took the advice of our friend Mercedes and sat at a table in a nice open-air restaurant overlooking the parade and the park. Below, are some of the pictures I took - Enjoy!

Every parade that we have seen here in Atenas emphasizes the kids and their schools.  It is refreshing to see young people participate in these functions and - you can see by the look on their faces - that they are enjoying every minute of it!!

The school bands are always big on the drums. - I have yet to see a horn such as a trumpet, a sax, or even a tuba. No matter what, you know they are coming.

And then, you see them proudly carrying the flag of Costa Rica

And yes, there are a few floats for your viewing pleasure!

Remember, our dear friend Mercedes? She has two wonderful daughters - Nancy the oldest and little Jimena. Well, all three of them were in the holiday mood.

Here is young Jimena all dressed up the colors of her country's flag and sitting on Stef's lap.

Mercedes was especially proud of the fact that her older daughter, Nancy was marching in the parade. 

Wow, here comes her school that is participating in this year's parade.

And, here is Nancy looking proud as ever!!

One very interesting thing to note is that both of the girls excel in school and win academic awards. Just recently, Nancy earned the title of having the highest grade attainment of her entire school. WOW!!

Well Mom, you have every right to be proud of these two girls, but wait - I would guess that they probably take after you a little bit, 
wouldn't you think?  

Mercedes - Congratulations to You and Your Wonderful Family

Well, it turned out to be a great day for all here in Atenas, and I am sure they will be partying well into the night. Should start hearing the fireworks going off just after dark.


Saturday, August 9, 2014


Remember the Birthday Bash for Stef we had last year?    Well.....
it got bigger this year!! 

With all that has gone on this year with health issues, we really didn't get involved with too many events. In fact, we cancelled our annual St Patrick's Day Party this year because Stef was just not feeling up to it, and I felt about the same. 

On August 9, 2014

Stef recently finished her 6th and final Chemo treatment and started to feel much better. Today, was her Birthday, and it seemed appropriate that a celebration was in order. I sent out some invitations to some of our Atenas friends to meet at the Guanacaste Restaurant at 6:00 PM. Well, would you believe it, but about 40 friends decided to celebrate with us, and it was a grand time.
 When we got there at about 6 PM, this is what it looked like.
 Many had already arrived!

Now, there should be no need to remind you about our official Social Director.....The lovely and talented..... MERCEDES


the delicious Chocolate Birthday Cakes she brought  that are known all over Atenas to be the best cake one could ever put into their mouth. She brought 2 for this occasion in order to make sure everyone got to savor a taste of their delicious goodness.

This gives you only a small idea of all the happy faces that were there to  help celebrate

 After the meals were over, we started on the dessert with the help of Harold & Lisa. Here I am with Lisa and Mercedes (Harold was passing out pieces of cake to some demanding patrons)

And then, someone mentioned Tequila shots. Think it was Melani. Yep, here she is

This prompted our man Marco
 to get more up on the bar

And, he never disappoints us

Stef was looking and feeling pretty happy at this time, and she deserved it


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Amanda's First Visit in a Long Time

Remember our daughter Amanda? She is our youngest and came here several years ago and stayed with us for quite a while. She then moved back to Denver where she has been living since. 

Well, this gal loved Costa Rica quite a bit, and decided to bring her Beau here to check it out. Also, it gave him a chance to see what this fun-loving girl's parents were really like. 

They arrived early in the morning on July 3rd and went non-stop from there. Took a trip to Jaco Beach, partied with us a couple of times,  and then later to the Nicoya Peninsula for a few days. Over-all, it was a 10 day trip, and believe me - they made the most of it.

I put together this short slide show to give you an idea of some of the events that took place during their stay. I hope that you will enjoy it.

After they returned to Denver, the young man bought her a ring - guess we passed the test :-)

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Pete & Stef in the 90's

It has been pretty obvious that I haven't posted very much during the last 6 months. Part of the reason is that I got obsessed with FaceBook and started putting a lot of posts on there. Yes, it is a way of instant mass communication, but it is not complete communication. However, that is going to drastically slow down for various reasons and more efforts put into this blog.

Additionally, and probably most importantly - Stef was recently diagnosed with a major medical problem that has absorbed much of my time - And, that is not going to ever stop because I love her so dearly.

In spite of this,- In the very near future,  you will begin to see more posts from me regarding our adventures in Costa Rica. I will also make a concerted effort to do some catching up on some of the past things we have done.

Thank you for your patience

Sunday, February 23, 2014


February 9, 2014


Last year, the event had over 1,700 attendees and raised a total of $20,000 for the kids at Hogar de Vida - This was an outstanding accomplishment thanks to the many people involved and the outpouring of generosity from many, many people. However, it is difficult to imagine what happened this year:



$34,000 US DOLLARS!!!

This was an outstanding accomplishment. Stef worked really hard on this as Chairperson for the second year in a row. However, due to an unexpected medical situation at the last minute, she had to turn her responsibilities over to Judy Timson. Judy took the reins and made it happen. Congratulations to Stef, Judy and the entire team for an outstanding piece of work because:


And, your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

Now, we have just been informed that - the pole has officially been raised for next year!!

This is a link to some pictures we just received:

And, a Video:

More pictures and details to follow:

Monday, February 3, 2014

What a Great Hospital!!!

Costa Rica was recently chosen for being
 #4 in the World for Excellent Health Care

And, I can give you a perfect example of why........

It was time for Stef to take her annual physical. For some reason, she wanted to do this at Hospital Catolica on the north side of San Jose.                       

In the process, some concerns came up from the results of her mammogram, and more tests had to be performed. They also suggested that she see a specialist at the hospital. His name was Dr, Medina who spoke English and had all kinds of diplomas from US medical schools on his wall. I got very concerned about the urgency they put on the subject and got my friend Dr. Roy Mora involved  to help with consulting.so we would have a better grasp on what was happening. (remember Dr Roy? selected as the top medical scientist in Costa Rica by the President?) 

Dr Roy receiving the award from President Laura Chinchilla 

This is Dr. Medina. At first, Stef said he did not have a good bedside manner - But, he is truthful and will get right to the point - After getting to know him a bit, she really liked him - And, knowing Stef, she even started talking to him about coming to the Atenas Chili Cook Off :-)



Títulos académicos: 

Médico Cirujano General
Ginecólogo Obstetra
Ginecólogo Oncólogo
                                            Máster en Gerencia Servicios de Salud

After the additional testing had been completed, Drs Medina and Roy explained to Stef that she had breast cancer and that one would have to be removed immediately. Two days later, she was in the operating room having the surgery done. Two days after that, she was released from the hospital.

All I can say is that these doctors saw an immediate need and acted quickly. This was a good decision on their part because a year earlier, there was no cancer and it spread very fast. 

Dr Madina and the entire hospital staff were absolutely outstanding. I don't think that she could have received better care anywhere else. In the US, this operation would have cost in excess of $50,000. The complete cost here was less than $10,000, and this included everything right up to a two day stay in a fantastic private room.

The results of the surgery were that Stef would not require radiation and would need 6 chemo treatments. Now, another price comparison - I heard that in the US, this would cost at least $10,000 per session. She is getting it done for less than $2,000 - And, in another first class facility.

Based on what I have seen of the doctors and medical facilities in this situation, I have only one thing to say:


The medical professionals here make it obvious that -- THEY CARE

Will keep you updated on Stef's progress

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another Holiday Wish

Well, Stef got this idea in her head that we should go International this year with Christmas. She took me to  some movie studio here in Costa Rica where we did this video - I really hope you enjoy it. Again - Please have a very Merry Christmas!!

Click here: ? JibJab Christmas 2013 Movie - YouTube

Pete & Stef

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

November 28, 2013

A few years ago, we started a tradition of inviting friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving and to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. As more and more people from the US decide to settle down in Atenas, the guest list gets bigger every year - That is a good thing as both Stef and I love to see people meet others and enjoy their time here. The more the merrier!!

This year, we enjoyed the company of about 80 friends to join us at our humble abode. I really sincerely feel that they had a good time and enjoyed an abundance of fine food that everyone brought to share. These are only a few of the pictures.

Your's truly and the hostess with the most-est


The group is starting to gather - seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Ana Cecilia's "world famous shuttle service" is back in action

Looking Wonderful

We had so much food that we had to get another table to hold it all.

What a crowd -Think we had some hungry folks here

And then, the dessert table that had plenty to go around

A great couple & good friends from Nashville, who have made Atenas their home
We also had people here from France, Italy and Switzerland - Atenas is becoming very diversified

Hey - can you pass me some more food?

More new-comers to Atenas and enjoying it

Some great friends from Germany

Yep, the ol'e house was pretty well rocking

And, then we have some of the kids!!

I think you can agree that we had a pretty good time,
 and finding great food was absolutely no problem 

Until Next Time

Sunday, November 3, 2013

2014 Atenas Chili Cook Off

Don't forget to mark your calendars for February 9, 2014 for the 7th Annual Chili Cook Off - Stef and the crew are already in the planning stages for what I think is going to be the
 biggest and best yet!!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hoping That You Have a Fun, Fun Halloween!!

This is a little video that I wrote, produced, and directed staring some local and international stars. - Please Enjoy :-)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Birthday Girl

Friday - August 9, 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen - Another beautiful sunny day in Costa Rica and the celebration of the birth of my lovely wife. Here's to you Sweetheart

With the help of several of our friends, we were able to put together a pretty nice party for her at one of our favorite restaurants - EL GUANACASTE. By the time everyone was seated, we had about 25 good friends who attended and a good time was had by all. Take a look...

As you can easily see, things started out in a nice subdued friendly way typical of people our age :-)

Good friends and neighbors having a nice conversation

Stef walking around and greeting everyone

Then I gave a little dedication to the love I have for my wife, which may have embarrassed her a little bit, but this girl is the love of my life and I couldn't help it.

Now, this is our very dear friend Mercedes whom I consider to be like a daughter to me. She was instrumental in helping put the party together and baked what people often refer to - as the best cake they ever put into their mouth -  Do you see that grin on her face? Kind of looks like she has something on her mind  - Well, guess what? I am a pretty good judge and was completely correct - SHE DID - But first, let me show you the cake she made.

Now, Does that not look delicious?

Well, Mercedes started to get things rock'n a bit, but she started off slow & easy with Stef and our good friend Bek. Are those Tequila shots they are having? Oh Boy

Then Mercedes gets a few of the girls up to the bar for more. Then, there were more girls, and they were obviously having a good time.

As you can see here, the men are having a nice quiet conversation

But, they got going too and... - It was decided to give Stef another 
Happy Birthday Toast 
 Hope you all had a wonderful night - I know that Stef did

This is Dina Duffy with Marco who is the owner of El Guanacaste - He kinda looks worn out and relieved that we are leaving for the night. Now, you can see what he puts up with when Stef has a Birthday :-) 
Thank you Marco and also to all your great staff.

 I guess that you can see that all of us Seniors know how to celebrate a Birthday here in Costa Rica

Until the next one...